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August 07, 2020, 06:30 PM

Affordable Passive House Lifestyle and Performance

A session by Jon Jensen, Francis Vargas and Tya Winn

Join us for a presentation on an occupied Passive House building that considers the human perspective of high performance. Anthony Wayne Senior (AWS) Housing Phase 3 presents a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of Passive House building performance and occupant experience. By speaking with residents, we can gain invaluable insights on what it is like to live in an Affordable apartment certified to Passive House standards.

The stories of the occupants of AWS 3 will help designers and developers gain a better understanding how affordable housing residents experience the features of a highly energy efficient apartment building. By sharing this social perspective alongside with some building consumption data, we can more fully understand design and development decisions on future Passive House Affordable Housing projects.

Learning Level: 200: Understanding/Comprehension


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